The GISRUK Seminar Series

Celebrating Innovation in GIS

Beginning in 2021, GISRUK launched a series of international seminars celebrating innovation in Geographical Information Science, Chaired by Peter Mooney. If you would like to hear about up-coming seminars, please sign up to the GISRUK mailing list.

Prof. Elena Demidova, The University of Bonn

25th March 2021
Semantic geographic knowledge on a world scale – interlinking OpenStreetMap and knowledge graphs

OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a rich source of openly available volunteered geographic information on a world scale. However, representations of geographic entities in OSM are highly diverse and incomplete. Knowledge graphs (i.e. graph-based knowledge repositories) such as Wikidata, EventKG, and DBpedia are a rich source of contextual semantic information about geographic entities. For example, Wikidata contains over six million geographic entities, including locations, points of interest, mountain peaks, etc. Whereas knowledge graphs provide a wide range of complementary semantic information for geographic entities, interlinking between knowledge graphs and OSM is insufficient with the links mainly manually defined by volunteers. This lecture will introduce emerging approaches that address tighter integration of OSM and knowledge graphs; it gives particular attention to link discovery and semantic enrichment of OSM datasets.
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